The Rising Appeal of Malta

The Rising Appeal of Malta

Why the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta is proving so popular with both those looking to escape offshore and those looking for an exciting and active overseas real estate market in which to profit.

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Malta, the beautiful Mediterranean island that basks in up to 300 days of sunshine a year is proving more and more popular with those in search of a low tax country with an attractive property market.

The fact that the island is such a popular choice with those seeking to live offshore, those looking to reduce their business and personal taxation burden and even those wishing to retire to the sun means that the real estate market in Malta is a hive of activity and property prices are moving up a gear.

All of these factors make the market ripe for real estate investors and mean that more and more people are profiting from property in Malta.

As stated the country is also an attractive low tax haven – all those who achieve residency on the island are only subject to 15% income tax on anything they remit to the island and anyone who purchases property in Malta can get residency and thereby potentially reduce their taxation burden.

The capital an individual uses to purchase their Malta home is not taxed and inheritance tax does not exist in Malta which means more people annually want to move to the island which means that more people annually demand real estate to buy or rent in Malta which gives a potential property investor a large potential customer base to work with.

Malta is also a popular choice for those looking for a low tax haven in which to establish their business which means that there is also a strong demand for commercial property in Malta – opening up the range of market opportunities available to a potential real estate investor.

In terms of the range of properties available to purchase in Malta they range from stunning villa properties complete with private pools that are ideal for letting out to the busy tourism market for at least 9 months of the year. There are also a range of town properties from apartments and town houses that can be rented out short term and then sold on for maximum gains in the medium to long term. Of course, as mentioned there are also a lot of commercial property prospects available to an investor in Malta as well from buying and leasing office space to buying into warehouses and retail properties.

The key to successfully profiting from any property market is the appeal of that market and the appeal of the real estate sector in Malta is not only at an all time high it is intensifying creating an ideal environment for an investor looking for an overseas real estate investment opportunity.

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